why parents seek tuition for their child?

There are many reasons when parent seek tutoring for their child. It is important to know why you are seeking tutoring,  there may be more than one reason therefore through observation is needed identify the best tutor for your child. These reasons can be

  1. Remediation: When a surprising report card comes home or after a tough parent teacher meet up, you are faced with the realization that your child is not doing well in school, and he needs help. Remedial sessions most often focus on filling gaps in specific skills in specific subjects, usually in math, reading or writing. As more basic skills are mastered, tutoring sessions can be spent teaching more grade-level skills, thereby increasing the student’s achievement and self-esteem.
  2. Maintenance: Your child is beginning a new school or moving from elementary to middle school and suddenly finds the work to be different, more time consuming, or demanding. New routines or teacher expectations may quickly overwhelm your child. More often, the goals of these tutoring sessions are devoted to helping the student learn more effective time management skills, understand their new academic responsibilities, complete homework, and help the student transition into an independent learner.
  3. Learning Support: A popular approach, this is particularly useful for older students who are working below grade level. This approach allows approximately half of the session to be devoted to remediation and deficient skill areas. The remaining half is devoted to maintenance and helping the student from getting any further behind by working on classroom assignments and textbook review.
  4. Enrichment: When your child is functioning successfully at grade level, and he or she is comfortable with more challenges, it may appropriate to see a tutor to help accelerate skills development in certain subjects or skill area.
  5. Test Preparation: The SAT/ACT’s have never been more misunderstood or caused so much anxiety among high school-aged students trying to get into the college of their choice. You may choose a tutor who has a strong background in test taking strategies and who understands the most recent content of the SAT and ACT. Skills development/support is often an integral part of a test-prep course or tutoring program. Providing this type of assistance frequently alleviates test taking anxiety and promotes confidence in tackling this important assessment.