How to help students in preparation of learning assignment with you?

Being a tutor or mentor its always beneficial to help students in preparation of start learning assignment with you, right before your assignment with the students begins either they are having their first assignment with you or joining you after a vacation or a slack time when students could do much to obtain early bird success. To be able to do that, they need to know what might be the useful things for them to prepare right before attending sessions so that they can maximum out of it.

  1.  Share a brief about strategy, methods, notes, syllabus and tools you will be employing in the tutoring assignment with the students themselves and their respective parents or guardians (if the student is minor) sometime before the actual assignment begins. It will not only set their expectation right but also helps you in designing a detail strategy, lesson plans and design the actual practices during the assignment.
  2. Share a pre- reader with your students, which ideally be a document containing online resources or some revisions from their existing concepts. It is recommended to be precise and to the point.
  3. Explain them why early focus on the actuals of assignment can help them get maximum out of the sessions.
  4. Design a well-crafted and easy to understand learning outcomes of each session or at least each group of session, which can help all the stakeholders (including guardian or parent) evaluate and enjoy the proceeding with the true sense of achievement.
  5. Don’t send too much information which may confuse them, all the above-mentioned brief, pre-readers, learning outcomes should be very precise and preferably in check list style, so that students can use itself as a tool where they can take it as to-do list.