what tutors need to know from parents?

Tutors need to understand your child as much as possible to start the sessions in a positive way. Be prepared to share your responses over these possible queries with a potential tutor:
  1. What motivates your child?
  2. Your child opinion towards school? What are his/her favorite subjects? Which subject he/she doesn't like?
  3. How is your child’s memory?
  4. How does your child feel about being tutored?
  5. Work samples of your child
  6. May I speak to the teacher regarding your child?
  7. Does the school agree with your assessment of your child?
  8. How does your child feel about tests? Does he/she get anxious or nervous?
  9. What are his/her recent test scores?
  10. What are your child's learning or understanding issues/deficiencies?