why choose a tutor who is affiliated with the learners.club?

As the leading organization that promotes best practices and standards in the tutoring and test prep industry, learners.club provides members with the framework of professionalism, excellent customer service, and an in-depth understanding of the responsibilities tutors face when entrusted with the care and teaching of children. Furthermore, the learners.club wants you, the consumer, to know what learners.club members have agreed to when offering tutoring services. When you select a tutor who is an learners.club member, you will be choosing a tutor who has adopted the following knowledge and performance expectations.
  1. Knowledge of how a student learns
  2. Knowledge of tutoring outcomes
  3. Commitment to students and their learning
  •   by using goals and objectives based on evaluations
  •   by accurately describing services that will be provided
  •   by accurately describing the need for these services
  •   by using ads and promotional materials that are honest and devoid of deception
  •   by maintaining a system to address concerns, complaints, and grievances